Before & After Care

What to do and what to avoid. 

we want you to have a great experience!

BEFORE your waxing or sugaring session:


While it is recommended that you exfoliate your body regularly (with a body scrub or bath mitt) pre-wax exfoliation should be done 24-48 hours before waxing.  



Taking a bath or shower before your appointment will open up the pores and allow the hairs to come out less painfully. Your therapist will appreciate it too. Do not use moisturizer or deodorant on underarms or any product which may cause a barrier to the wax and irritate the skin. 



Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment as well as for a few hours after. This will prevent irritation and allow the pores to breath.



If you have a very low threshold for pain, you can take an over the counter painkiller 20-30 minutes before your appointment. 

Pain relief

AFTER your waxing or sugaring session:


Your hair follicles will be open after your treatment, so it is important to avoid the following for 24 hours after your session:

  • Excessive perspiration and friction
  • Sauna / Steam room
  • Hot bath / Shower / Swimming
  • UV exposure
  • Fake tan / Body lotion / Perfume
  • Tight clothing
  • Deodorant
  • Make up (after a facial waxing)

This will help with ingrown hairs and will prevent bacteria getting into the pores causing infection.